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3D print model: Waveshare 7 inch LCD display stand / small computer holder

This is my first useful 3D print model. It is a display stand and small computer holder. I share it here in the hope that it may be useful for other people.

For use with this 7 inch LCD with touchscreen:

And either the CubieTruck board:

or a Raspberry Pi with case. The Raspberry Pi case should be 97 mm or less long and 60 mm or less wide.

Have fun with the model!


front view

Raspberry Pi base CubieTruck base

3D STL model files

I printed everything with my Cetus3D mkII printer, PLA filament, 2 mm layer height and supports enabled. The stands and the Raspberry Pi base can be printed without raft, the CubieTruck base should be printed with raft.

Rotate the stands 90 degrees to the side for printing and flip Raspberry Pi and CubieTruck base by 180 degrees for printing.

Assembly instructions

Print two stands and glue M3 nuts into the appropriate holes with cyanacrylate glue (super glue). Mount the display to the stand with M3 screws.

Base and stand should fit tightly and do not require screws or glue.

Further reading

This model can also be found on Thingiverse: